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Feb 20, 2020

I reviewed Servant which is about a child that dies and then comes back as a doll. The show was scary and creepy, and I raved about it. Then I reviewed the new Disney Plus original movie Timmy Failure. I also stated that I'd rather shoot myself in the foot then watch that again. I don't want to become that cynical family movie hating reviewer. I don't want my reviews to be known as not family friendly. I have kids. I know how hard it is to find something where we can all sit down and watch together. 

This is why I watch most of the awesome stuff after they've gone to bed. The point of this is that I'm not only going to watch profanity-laced graphic violence based films and television, which you all know I love. I'm going to watch other stuff. I'm just not going to like it near as much. To prove this point, I reviewed Troop Zero. This one is from Amazon Prime video. When I saw this advertisement, I didn't realize this was a kid show. I was wrong. Well done, Amazon.

Show Notes:

  • [02:40] I didn't realize Troop Zero was a family friendly film. Sorry Amazon. This movie was labeled as a comedy-drama. It's pretty much your standard fare of little girl doesn't fit in.
  • [02:55] The little girl wants to fit in, and she makes friends with other kids who want to fit in. She learns friendship means more than fitting in. The end.
  • [03:03] This is typically every movie made for kids these days.
  • [03:15] Unlike Timmy Failure, you are actually rooting for the kid in Troop Zero.
  • [04:12] Throw in a little talk about NASA, outer space, shooting stars, a little girl who misses her mama who died, and some 1970s music.
  • [04:28] You also have Allison Janney. She plays every pearl clutching Southern woman I've wanted to avoid. She is awesome!
  • [05:01] Just looking at Mike Epps makes me laugh. Then we have Viola Davis who is legit. She is awesome in this.
  • [05:35] Jim Gaffigan is precious in this movie. He was perfectly cast as the dad who lost his wife. I wanted him to marry Viola Davis and star in Troop Zero 2.
  • [06:17] This is a 4 Spanx show. Whenever I watch with my kids the score will be lower since we have to stop 25 times. 
  • [06:40] This show is clean and sweet. I even shed a tear.

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